Transform unstructured content into business intelligence insights.

Maximise customer satisfaction and sales using text analytics to pull insights out of customer feedback. Unlock insight from web and enterprise content to reduce customer churn. Seize upon shifts in preference and sentiment to improve quality and drive innovation.

Screenshot of business intelligence feature: Text Analytics
The software is now up to the job in the text analytics world. It's up to the job of making sense of the huge flood of information from all kinds of diverse sources, high volume, 24 hours a day. We're in a good place nowadays to try to make something of it with these technologies.

Better understand motivations and trends in behavior and perceptions. Predict and anticipate changes in your customers, human resources, suppliers, partners and competitors. Apply behavioural sciences to improve leadership and teamwork. Pinpoint conversations, people and teams of interest. Spot trends before they impact your objectives. Target interventions to improve individual outcomes and team performance.

Text mining applies data mining automation to make sense of the natural language found in many sources of enterprise content and Big Data. Why waste time? 60,000x faster than a human, more accurate than two humans, and 80% of the time it's flat out smarter. Extract the meaning, tone and so much more from any text you need to analyse. Discover and present knowledge - facts, business rules and relationships - that are otherwise locked-up inside unstructured data in text formats. 

  • Access market intelligence driven by what people say and write.
  • No need for specialist expertise - summarising complex documents is easy.
  • Visualise positive and negative sentiment, themes and questions.
  • Simply search for phrases and entities to access insights.
  • Navigate through the noise using automatic classification and custom tagging to quickly achieve clarity.
  • Sort suppliers based on how they describe, on their websites, what they sell.
  • Get smart alerts when you want them.
  • Management alerts and personalised reports based on keywords in use across your organisation and online communities.

Combine your business intelligence with our complete cloud-based sentiment and text analytics solution.


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