Analytics and data stewardship as professional services.

Get ahead with business intelligence for operations, human resources, finances and sales teams.

Organisations must break out of their historical BI thinking, where some kind of report is delivered to an army of knowledge workers. The promise of BI has always been that virtually everyone could benefit from BI, including functional roles that were rarely on anyone's radar.


Apply analytics to client engagement and operations. Produce clear reporting. Identify under-performing activities. Measure and deliver more value to customers. Better evidence value propositions with client analysis results.

Human Resources

Be better at employing and contracting workers. Drill into the causes of shortages and surpluses of labour using time-sheet and other workforce data. See changes over time and drill into project performance.


Make better credit decisions and have the data to support at-a-glance assessment of risk. Visually explore budgeting and staffing. Resource utilisation tracking. Collect payments on completed contracts more successfully.


Enable your mobile sales force with the client data they need. Understand and help client satisfaction and preferences.


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