Get the most out of your human and computing resources.

Share interactive reporting and dashboard views of the most important IT performance indicators. Drill-down into projects, teams and processes across time. Give tech support the tools they need to innovate.

Forrester notes that “Today’s leading IT organisations are moving from aligned IT to empowered business technology practices.” Examples include becoming technology service broker as well as modifying the software development lifecycle, architecture and solutions development to deliver mobile, cloud and big data solutions more readily.

Case management

Get control of your case activity. Help the helpdesk get better visibility of trends in past and present IT cases to protect against future work spikes. Justify team headcounts. Generate visual, quantifiable evidence of results to stakeholders. Use analytics to motivate team members.

Reduce case durations and the numbers of lost cases.

Measure quantity and durations of cases and staff over time by category, office, product type, or any other dimension. Use analytics to score and visually model people and processes to determine what or who might be causing productivity to slip. Model average response times and case resolution times.

Assisting software development

Support developers and programmers using lean development models with interactive dashboards and up-to-date project decision data. Track development roadmap progress visually and share dashboards on the Internet or on your intranet. Know where the most time is spent, isolate potential problems for early resolution.

Asset usage

Source software assets more strategically and treat them like any other contract. Manage lifecycle costs of IT assets and spot underused hardware and software. Avoid paying for excess capacity and unnecessary maintenance contracts by tracking historical usage and prioritising technology resources to support strategic priorities.


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