Profile and segment your current and prospective donors.

Turbo-boost your campaigns while controlling costs. Discover deeper insights about your donors and stakeholders, grants and social media programmes.

Medway Youth Trust has shown how the smallest organisation can achieve striking results with business intelligence and data visualisation in winning Gartner’s BI Excellence Award 2012.

Campaign optimisation

Give your fundraising department the tools they need. Manage custom charity marketing campaigns visually and intuitively.

Visualise donors

Manage donor pipelines more effectively. Visually explore the characteristics of donations collected and anticipated in scores of different ways. Make the most of official demographics to know more about donors and use every drop of campaign performance data to find new donor patterns and create better campaigns. Look for patterns in donor timings and sizes to target lapsed donors in new ways.

Stakeholder engagement insights

Make the most of volunteers and donors. Keep stakeholders engaged.

Grant winning analysis

Quickly create evidence bases for grant applications.

Social Media mastery

Anticipate your donors' decisions using social media analysis. Learn more about their personal interests and motivations. Score characteristics like loyalty and satisfaction. Go beyond plotting simple visitor habits and integrate social media monitoring and Web Content Management data to learn when to send appeals to get the best result. Add new demographic, economic and social data to your CMS data to chart campaign successes and failures in new ways. Generate more online donations by better understanding your donors using social media analysis.

Smarter cost controls

Deal early with events and departments that are at risk of overrunning their allotted budgets.


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