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Professional business intelligence analysts, at your service.


  • /team/david-pidsley

    David Pidsley


    14 years leading Business Technology transformations from idea to impact.

  • /team/james-harrison

    James Harrison

    Non-Executive Advisor

    25 years experience in data and media driving insight and returns from data in marketing.

  • /team/lee-picton

    Lee Picton FRSA

    Data Scientist

    Delivering deep analytical capabilities into the hands of end users.

Our founders are David Pidsley - a British entrepreneur and business technology leader, and Lee Picton - a data scientist with ten years experience in delivering Business Intelligence services.

More of our team

Our team combines professional analysts from our specialist markets who are experienced in Business Intelligence, data analysis, software research and development, sales analysis, marketing, content analysis, corporate finance and support.
  • /team/andy

    Andy Horn

    Non-Executive Adviser

    20 years success in starting, building and improving profitability and performance.

  • /team/paul-simbeck-hampson

    Paul Simbeck-Hampson

    Social Strategist

    Helping customers to anticipate change through social collaboration.

  • /team/tom-hampson

    Tom Hampson

    Market Strategist

    Strategic, creative design thinking to achieve growth and brand excellence.

  • /team/dan-durrant

    Dan Durrant

    Content Strategist

    Discovering & sharing insights on complex topics through intelligence.

  • /team/matthew-pidsley

    Matthew Pidsley

    Overseas Executive

    Connecting global leaders with trusted pathways to overcome BI challenges.

  • /team/charles-prichard

    Charles Prichard

    Customer Executive

    A consummate listener to customer needs, enabling them to achieve ROI.

Our History

On 26th May 2011, David Pidsley setup Cause Analytics to combine his prior business success in the IT sector with Lee Picton’s experience in data analysis, to bring a new line of Business Intelligence to the UK.

Cause Analytics generated significant turnover, which was used to invest in Lee and his team applying their experience to building a new Business Intelligence service to offer to the market in January 2014. The collaboration brought together David's goal of enabling outcome-focused, evidence based decision making for medium-sized organisations and Lee's capabilities in delivering deep analytical capabilities into the hands of end users.

For three years we have been dedicated to organisations that want to anticipate change, get ahead and win the race.