Matthew Pidsley
Overseas Executive

Connecting global leaders with trusted pathways to overcome BI challenges.

Matthew Pidsley was born in Southampton, England in 1985 and attended Kings School Bruton in Somerset. He went on to study Economics and Theology at Durham University.

Today, as the Overseas Executive at Cause Analytics - the essential Business Intelligence service, he is a key member of the Presales Department within the Customer Division. He specialises in connecting business leaders with trusted pathways to overcoming Business Intelligence challenges. 

Over ten years in the maritime industry, he has built relationships with business leaders in the petrochemical, property and financial services sectors. Matthew travels internationally for his work, is based in London, UK and maintains strong ties to the UK property sector - working with developers and financiers.

Matthew has an extensive background in managing international marine logistics, working with the British Olympic Team, and professional yacht racing teams worldwide. He has sailed around the World as a highly-qualified Marine Engineer and has spent a great deal of time navigating the seas on vessels of up to 55 meters in length. He made a two-handed crossing of the Pacific and has recently completed a solo cycling trip across Turkey. Matthew takes an interest in international relations, yacht construction and logistics, and enjoys sailing, cycling, shooting, and music.