Lee Picton FRSA
Data Scientist

Delivering deep analytical capabilities into the hands of end users.

Lee has analysed client spend worth more than one trillion dollars over the last ten years, having led some of the UK's leading spend analysis activities, building robustness and automation into data pipeline processes that enable faster, repeatable and more reliable results.

In the public sector, Lee's experience is wider than most, having conducted spend analyses for the entire public sector in Scotland as well as much of Wales, most of England's local government, all UK national police forces and fire services, many large central government departments, and scores of universities and charities. His business and enterprise experience includes managing global spend analyses projects for some of the World's largest companies.

Born in Wales in 1969, Lee went on to study English at Ruskin, Oxford. After reporting on trends in computing, communications and media for ten years at Trend Monitor, in 2004 Lee became Senior Analyst and later Product Manager for Content at Spikes Cavell during an eight-year tenure where he focused on spend analysis in the public sector for customers including The Treasury and Cabinet Office.

In 2011 Lee moved to Rosslyn Analytics where he became Head of Data Solutions, conducting both spend and sales analytics for large national and international enterprises like Sony and Coca-Cola.

Today, as a Data Scientist at Cause Analytics he works within the Product Operations Division. He has a passion for delivering analytical capabilities to business users and brings experience in delivering Business Intelligence into most sectors. His knowledge is built around the latest and best technology methods and for data extraction, validation, cleansing, improvement, enhancement and maintenance.

Lee is a contributor to the Anticipate Change blog about big data, data mining, geo-data, data visualisation and artificial intelligence.