David Pidsley

14 years leading Business Technology transformations from idea to impact.

From June 2012, David brought his experience leading business technology transformations to Cause Analytics - the UK's independent Business Intelligence service dedicated to midsized organisations that want to anticipate change.

In 2011, he was head of strategic marketing and social analytics at UNIT4 Business Software, the world’s sixth largest enterprise resource planning company, which he helped prepare for a $1.8 bn strategic investment. He project managed client and partner engagements as advisor to the UK Department for International Development and the UK National Health Service, writing white-papers for the UK Cabinet Office and techUK as senior data governance practitioner, to ensure both business and engineering needs were understood and delivered upon.

David is a no-nonsense opener, delegator and deal closer - capitalising on global outsourcing and strategic business alliances as a go-to-market strategy to rapidly enhance opportunity. His leadership delivered two of the UK's media and mobile sector breakthroughs: manufacturing the 1st 'low cost' multiformat DVD player and selling the 1st premium MP3 realtone mobile download, as VP Europe, Sound Choice, the world’s largest specialist music catalogue in 2004.

He is a champion of each individual client’s objectives, leading entrepreneurial projects that rapidly scale to reap dividends from anticipated changes in digital technologies and emerging markets trends. His responsibilities have included leading consulting teams to optimise digital services and business transformation projects for enterprise clients. Foremost, David is an experienced leader of aggressive business simplification programmes. He has a track-record of executive investment in a network that creates smarter, more efficient and better equipped businesses. His pragmatic approach combines data-driven operational improvements in trading, analytics and digital marketing to deliver a sustainable return on investment.

  • Responsibilities: Return on investment for global clients. Business transformation through cloud analytics.
  • Specialism: Executive strategy, financial transformation, competitive & business intelligence, digital innovation.
  • Personality: Analytical, focused, entrepreneurial, futuristic, persuasive, open, supportive and thoughtful.

David is also an experienced interim manager and can be contacted via his website: davidpidsley.com