Dan Durrant
Content Strategist

Discovering & sharing insights on complex topics through intelligence.

Dan Durrant was born in Provo, Utah, USA, in 1980 and attended University of Oregon in Eugene. He gained his Master's degree in Information Technology at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

He joined Sony Online Entertainment as their Online Gaming Customer Services Representative in 2003, where he focused on claims, disputes investigations and customer services for online games. He progressed into a new role with Government Employees Insurance Company, USA as their Claims Service Representative in 2005, where he focused on automobile insurance liability.

In 2010, Dan started as Content Analyst at Open Intelligence. He specialised in content and intelligence analysis. As an avid social networker and futures thinker, he builds relationships and brings important stories, ideas, and products to the forefront.

Today, as the Content Strategist at Cause Analytics - the essential Business Intelligence service, he heads up the Curation Department within the Customer Division. Dan brings significant experience in delivering to the education, financial service and media sectors. He is focused on better decision making, so customers can achieve transparency, growth, savings and positive local impact. He is masterful at discovering and sharing deep insights into complex topics. Dan takes an interest in curation, global futures and systems thinking and enjoys yoga, cycling, and cooking.